Ladakhi Wool Clothing

Ladakh Nature Products offers a range of hand-crafted Ladakhi wool clothing, including

  • wool dress coats,
  • short jackets,
  • women’s vest,
  • pointy-toed shoes (pabu thigma) made from wet felt,
  • 100% pashmina wool shawls and knit caps
  • 100% sheep & yak wool knit caps, gloves, socks and slippers,
  • 100% silk scarves with natural dyes and tie-dye designs;
  • thigma scarves, mufflers and more!

Much of the clothing uses thigma, the Ladakhi word for the large tie-dye design found in Tibet and the Indian trans-Himalayan regions of Ladakh, Zanskar, Spiti and Himachal Pradesh. The process normally uses three vegetable dye baths of indigo, turmeric and madder.



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